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When you rely on Kypa, you invest in the ten-year experience of skilled workers, of specialized technicians and men of culture. Each project is designed and made to measure so to make it unique and exclusive as the customer’s needs. Each choice is weighted in accordance with the absolute quality of used products and materials."It’s a fact of culture"

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The quality of materials and excellence of the chosen products are the natural consequence of a large awareness: the wealth of experience we have gathered over many years of work between passion and commitment is the best that we can offer. That is why attention to detail and genius are an outstanding resource."We are very proud of this"


We find the most suitable solution to your needs, from flooring to large environments that for villas and apartments.


We select the best and most suitable products to make your room welcoming and measuring of your dreams.

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The space in which we live is our nest, our intimate retreat. For this reason, exactly how does the tailor, Kypa take care of your environment with a tailor-made service able to meet your needs, your habits and realize your project with precision. We are a team able to select and customize the best interior design products and to make them unique with technological innovation and style we have.

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Kypa di Paolo Tognato

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Tel. +39 348 2203 374
Vicenza - Italy

119 E 17th Street 10003 - New York
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